Groups for Class Presentations:

A  Tempest  :  Based  on  Shakespeare’s  ‘The  Tempest  ;’  by  Aimé  Césaire

1. Esther Chung
2. Demi Elisson

Siddhartha  (Penguin  Classic  s  Deluxe  Edition  )  by  Hermann  Hesse

1. Marlena Konglau
2. Ronald J. Green

The  Conference  of  the  Birds  (Penguin  Classics)  by  Farid-­‐Ud-­‐Din  Attar,  et  al.

1. Ashley Silva
2. Jessica Height

The  Last  King  of  Scotland  by  Giles  Foden

1. Camille Chan
2. Adrian Mosby

The  Penelopiad  (Canongate  Myths)  by  Margaret  Atwood

1. Lizzie Marks
2. Sarah Scafidi

The  Politics  of  Disgust by  Ange-­‐Marie Hancock

1. Jamie Ford
2. Paulo Campos

The  Ramayana by  R.  K. Narayan

1. David Oswald
2. Chris Zulakis

The  Snow  Queen  by  Hans  Christian Andersen

1. Jennifer Liu
2. Darragh Rosenberger

The  Tempest  (Modern  Library  Classics)  by  William  Shakespeare,  Jonathan  Bate

1. Andrew DeVito
2. Ian Miller

Oedipus  the  King  by  Sophocles  (Author),  et  al.

1. Lichen Li
2. Wilson Tanner


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